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Celebrating 25 Years in Taiwan

Twenty-five years ago Canada established its first presence in Taiwan. Although the original mandate of what was then known as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce was trade facilitation, Canada-Taiwan ties evolved rapidly and today Taiwan is one of Canada’s most significant partners in Asia-Pacific.  In 2010, Canada re-invested in its relations with Taiwan by undertaking a number of new initiatives, such as building a new, modern CTOT in the heart of Taipei’s Xinyi District.  To celebrate Canada’s 25th year in Taiwan and to highlight the strength and diversity of the relationship, the CTOT is holding thematic events each month throughout the year.  We invite both Canadians and Taiwanese to celebrate with us this important year for Canada in Taiwan.

Please click on the months listed below to find out more information about the monthly themes and associated events.

January - YouthMobility month February - Investment month

March - Education and Multiculturalism month

April – Tourism

May - Canadian Studies month

June - Canada Food month

July - Culture month

August - Aboriginal month

October - Information & Communications Technologies Month


International Experience Canada Month

In today’s competitive job markets, foreign language skills and work experience are competitive assets and remain in high demand. On July 1, 2010, the CTOT launched a new program designed to offer young Taiwanese the opportunity to work and travel in Canada for up to one year -- International Experience Canada (IEC).  IEC is unique among other “working holiday” programs since it is open to participants ages 18-35.

IEC is designed with flexibility in mind.  IEC participation opens a range of possibilities to those who are looking to boost their career prospects, enhancing their English or French language skills, or interested in expanding their knowledge and enriching their life experiences. Since last year, the CTOT has raised its IEC quota five-fold from 200 to 1000 to keep up with high demand.  To celebrate IEC Month, the 2011 quota was opened on January 10, 2011 and is almost full! For more information on the IEC initiative, click here 



Invest in Canada Month

Canada welcomes foreign direct investment (FDI) and offers the kind of stability, low costs and taxes, a talented and diverse workforce, and world-leading research, innovation and transportation infrastructure that businesses need to innovate, grow and succeed in the global economy. It’s no wonder that global leaders like Research in Motion, Bombardier, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Honda and Sanofi-Pasteur are finding success in Canada. Whether you are considering business expansion or new North American investment opportunities, Canada should be top of mind as your investment destination of choice.  There are a number of Taiwanese companies investing and growing their business in Canada in various sectors from life sciences to clean technologies to ICT (information and communication technology). 

As part of Invest in Canada month, the CTOT held a seminar on Canada’s capacity in telematics entitled, “Invest in Canada: Driving Innovations in Telematics” on February 24.  Industry experts from Canada gave an overview of the future of the automotive industry with the integration of ICT and highlight Canadian capacity and research in this area.

For more information on investing in Canada, we invite you to explore the website, and contact us at tapei-td@international.gc.ca.




Education and Multiculturalism Month

Canada is recognized internationally for its world-class learning opportunities. The OECD’s latest Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report ranked Canada’s education performance as 5th worldwide after Korea, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore.  For Taiwanese, Canada remains one of the top study destinations due to the flexibility and high-quality of the Canadian education system, and the safe learning environment provided by its communities and campuses. Canada is particularly attractive and convenient for those seeking to improve their English skills. In November 2010, Canada lifted the visa requirement for Taiwan passport holders. Under the visa waiver program, Taiwanese students may now engage in short-term study for up to six months without a visa or study permit.  This is one of the longest visa-free stays available to Taiwan citizens.

This month, representatives of Canadian educational institutions will attend the Asia Pacific Association for International Education conference and expo in Taipei.  Following that, Canadian schools will be represented at two education fairs organized by local partners Oh Study and AIEF. We invite you to visit these events and discover for yourself the benefits of receiving Canadian education.

Canada is also one of the world’s most multicultural countries – and Canada’s largest city – Toronto – is known as the world’s most multicultural city. In 1971, the Canadian government adopted multiculturalism as official government policy. Since then, it has become a defining and fundamental characteristic of Canadian society. This policy recognizes the fact that after centuries of welcoming immigration, Canadian society has become increasingly diverse – people from more than 200 ethnic origins are now part of the Canadian mosaic. Statistics Canada predicts that by 2031, between 25 per cent and 28 per cent of Canada’s population will be foreign born, and between 29 per cent and 32 per cent will belong to a visible minority group. Canada’s population also comprises approximately 1 million Aboriginal peoples - First Nations, Inuit, and Métis - distinct peoples with unique histories, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

Canada draws both its distinctiveness and its strength from this diversity. Canadians society unites around its diversity, and around the shared values of equality, democracy, and human rights. Together these concepts form the essence of Canada and can be seen in our many unique forms of artistic and cultural expression. Whether it be performing arts groups such as Cirque du Soleil (who recently performed in Taiwan) or the many talented Canadian filmmakers, authors, musicians and artists, each is representing in their own way the richness of Canadian society.

Events this month:

Education Fairs

-          March 12-15 - Oh!Study Spring International Education Fair  

-          March 19-22 – AIEF Spring Education fair 

Canadian Film Night

-          Avant-Premier of Oscar-nominated Canadian film Incendies at Ambassador Chang Chun Theatre

Canadian Author Speaker Series - Hiromi Goto www.hiromigoto.com

-          March 16 – Presentation at National Taiwan University, Department of Foreign Language and Literatures as part of Canadian writer speaker series

-          March 17 – Presentation at Taipei American School and Furen University

-          March 18 -  Presentation at National Sun Yat Sen University

-          March 19 - Forum with Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Association at Café Mezone

Canadian Author Speaker Series - Dr. Vincent Lam Dr. Vincent Lam

-          March 19 – Speech at TEDXMONGA

-          March 20 – Forum with Medical Educators for Humanities at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei

-          March 21 – Panel discussion at NTU College of Medicine, Presentation as part of Canadian writer speaker series at NTU Department of Foreign Language and Literature

-          March 22 - Lecture at NTU Hospital and Presentation at Taipei American School


Indigenous communities outreach project – University of Waterloo Professor Geoffrey Wall

-          March 28 - Presentation  "Cultural Communication Between Majority and Minority Peoples Through Aboriginal Tourism" - Chinese Culture University - Department of Tourism Industry

-          March 30 - Roundtable symposium: "Global Climate Change and Tourism Development" - National Taiwan Normal University - Department of Geography

-          March 31-April 1 – Alishan Seminar: “Canada-Taiwan Aboriginal Tourism Industry and Post-disaster Reconstruction” co-sponsored by CTOT and Council for Indigenous Peoples



Canadian Studies Month

Canada is a popular topic of study in Taiwan. Taiwanese “Canadianists” are continually expanding Taiwan’s knowledge of Canada in areas such as Aboriginal rights, public health policy, literature, education, international trade and foreign policy. Many of these initiatives are collaborative and therefore help strengthen the people-to-people networks driving Canada-Taiwan relations. The study of Canada in Taiwan is also supported by the Association for Canadian Studies which organizes and promotes academic events throughout Taiwan.

Encouraging the study of Canada overseas is a key initiative of the Government of Canada.  Through the CTOT, Canada offers a range of grants for Taiwanese academics to conduct research on Canada, establish research partnerships with Canadian institutions, or develop student exchange programs. More information on these programs can be found at ICCS

This month, the CTOT and National Chengchi University (NCCU) are co-organizing a major regional academic conference entitled “Living with Giants: A Canada-East Asia Dialogue on Regional and Global Issues” which will bring together scholars from Canada and the region to discuss key themes of relevance to the region and to Canadian foreign policy.  The conference program is designed to generate novel thinking on how to manage the global economy, address emerging security challenges, and deal with global issues such as energy and climate change. 

This is the first conference of its type on Canada in Taiwan. We hope that this new initiative will create  unique cross-national scholarly networks, promote the exchange of ideas, and generate innovative policy ideas for Canada and East Asia.

Events this month:

 -          May 5-6: Regional conference: “Living with Giants: A Canada-East Asia Dialogue on Regional and Global Issues” to be held at National Chengchi University - International Conference Auditorium, 5th floor, General Building of Colleges (綜合院館國際會議廳). To register email: livingwithgiants@hotmail.ca



Canada Food Month

Taiwan is the fourth largest agri-food and seafood export market in Asia for Canada. Annually, Taiwan imports around of US$ 10 billion agri-food and seafood products. Canada is the 7th largest agri-food exports suppliers to Taiwan and shares approximately CND$ 250 million of the market.

Improving incomes, consumer quest for a healthy life-style and increasing demand for convenience help the imports of high end, organic and quality products with high nutritional values. Food Taipei, June 22-25, is Taiwan’s premier annual event and the 3rd largest food and beverage show in Asia, attracting over 45,000 visitors.  In June 2011, the Canadian Trade Office in Taiwan will be organizing a 18-booth Canada Pavilion to generate broad exposure for products on display, help establish trade contacts, and develop business opportunities, especially for exporters new to the market in Taiwan. This is one of the most important venues for Canadian companies to showcase their products to the trade in Taiwan and to identify business partners.

A large reception inviting all major trade and government contacts will also be hosted to allow participating Canadian exhibitors to network with important local contacts to develop opportunities in Taiwan. 




Culture Month

Canadian arts and culture have played a very dynamic role in  Canada's relations with Taiwan. Popular Canadian music artists  (delete: in Taiwan   from ) including   Diana Krall, Avril Levigne, Bryan Adams, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Broken Social Scene, Simple Plan, have  held concerts in Taiwan and are all well known by Taiwanese music lovers. The annual TaiwanFest event  held in Vancouver and Toronto celebrates Taiwanese music, arts, dance and food  and  is very popular with Canadians.
Taiwanese film festivals regularly present  the works of  Canadian filmmakers such as Denys Arcand, Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg  who are among the favourite international film directors  for Taiwanese cinephiles. Canadian film industry professionals have shared their success and passion with Taiwanese film professionals during various film events  held in Taiwan. In addition,  Canada's leading position in  the animation industry offers Taiwanese audiences a rich selection of world class animation films presented  at  several Canadian Film Festivals around Taiwan. This year, Taiwan's world-famous director Ang Lee will present his adaptation of Canadian novel The Life of Pi which was shot in both Canada and Taiwan. 
Canadian performing arts has  also figured prominently in Taiwan's  arts and culture scene. A panoramic of different art forms from  classic to modern dance, theatre and multidisciplinary arts, have been represented in Taiwan by acclaimed Canadian artists such as Les Grand Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Marie Chouinard, Robert Lepage, Cirque du Soleil, Lemieux Pilon 4D Art and many others.
 Below are some of the upcoming events featuring Canadian arts and culture in Taiwan, we hope you will enjoy!
July 4 - Aug. 27: Taipei International Children's  Festival
The Théâtre des Confettis, acclaimed children's theatre group from Montreal founded in 1977 is invited by the Taipei International Children's , 2011. Festival to present their most popular piece "Celestial Mechanics" in Taipei on 19, 20, 22-25, July.
More information:
July 13-26: Vancouver Bells of Shaughnessy charity tour in Taiwan - The Bells of Shaughnessy is a youth hand bell choir founded in Vancouver in 2004. Founder Ms. Shan Shan Chen leads this group of passionate and talented teenagers devoted  in  their effort to promote hand bell music. They have participated in many charity concerts in recent years. This time, The Bells of Shaughnessy will perform in Kaoshiung, Tainan and Taipei National Concert Hall. All funds raised will be donated to  the  Taiwan Red Cross Society.
Tickets are available for concert at the CKS National Concert Hall on July 21st, at 7h30pm: http://www.artsticket.com.tw/CKSCC2005/Product/Product00/ProductsDetailsPage.aspx?ProductID=hx0fZA09nGeEAdmnqB%2bKIg
July 16-26: Trumpeter David Smith's master classes at Shijian University and International JAZZ festival concerts at Da-an Park - Toronto trumpeter, David Smith, is invited by the Taipei International Jazz Festival, among other 10 internationally renowned jazz masters , to  perform a highly sophisticated concert to the Auditorium of Da-An Forest Park in Taipei on July 22 and 23 starting from 5h30pm. David will also give a master workshop at the Summer International Jazz Academy.



Aboriginal Month

Over the last few years, Canada's aboriginal peoples have been extremely active in Taiwan, participating in a wide variety of cultural activities, visits, and exchanges with Taiwanese indigenous groups. Similarities in the historical experiences and present challenges of Canadian and Taiwanese aboriginal peoples allows for productive exchanges on many levels. In December 1998, CTOT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Taiwan's Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP). In this document, both sides pledged to develop academic, cultural, social, and economic exchanges between the aboriginal peoples of Taiwan and Canada, and to share experiences on issues such as education, environment, land, and economic development.  This MOU was renewed in 2008 for another 10 years due to the fruitful outcome of the first initiative.

This month, Alex Wells, a three-time World Champion  Hoop Dancer from British Columbia will be participating in the Global Indigenous Peoples Performing Arts Festival, organized by CIP. Alex and his team will perform around the island between July 26 and August 4th. Later this month (Aug 20-24), Canada's First Nation's University will co-organize an international conference with Hualien's Tzu Chi University on Indigenous Education, Health and Culture. This conference will be supported by both CTOT and CIP. More than 100 participants including academics, NGOs and government officials from both Canada and Taiwan will attend.




Information & Communications Technologies Month 

The industry collaboration between Canada and Taiwan in the area of ICT fall under a number of different sub-sectors and many different opportunities exist for Canadian ICT companies’ products and expertise in this market.  ICT Month promotes Canadian and Taiwanese synergies in cloud computing.

In Taiwan, there is movement from pure hardware to cloud based solutions; from hardware to software. To capitalize on this opportunity, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei organized cloud computing workshops and seminars to promote Canadian capacity in this area.

As part of the 37th Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS 2011), the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) and the Cloud Computing Consortium Association of Taiwan (CCAT) are hosting, “2011 Cloud Innovation & Application Forum” on October 13, 2011 at NanKang Exhibition Hall. The invited companies from Canada include Wedge Networks, ClevrU, Mitel Networks, and Celestica.

For more information on Canadian cloud technologies, please contact:





Innovation Month 

Canada-Taiwan S&T Partnerships

Taiwan presents many opportunities for Science and Technology (S&T) collaboration, especially given its relative strength in commercialization. Canada’s prowess in pure research is highly complementary to Taiwan’s strength in commercialization, a pairing which has led to fruitful collaboration spanning government, academia and business.

Take advantage of the number of funding opportunities to do joint research or participate in a Summer Program in Taiwan!

Funding opportunities:

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Concurrent Call for Proposals for Joint Research Projects that bring together Canadian and Taiwanese researchers, with participation from industry and government research organizations, to enhance bilateral academic research cooperation in specific priority areas.

Priority areas: environmental science and engineering; information and communications technologies; manufacturing; natural resources and energy.

The NSERC Summer Program in Taiwan provides graduate students in science and engineering with a hands-on research experience in Taiwanese labs.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Institute of Genetics

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)’s Institute of Genetics’ Summer Program in Taiwan provides Canadian doctoral students with the opportunity to work in a lab in Taiwan for a period of eight weeks in the area of health research (i.e. biomedical, clinical, health systems services, social cultural, environmental and population health).


Going Global Innovation

Going Global Innovation promotes and enhances Canada's international innovation efforts by supporting Canadian companies and/or researchers in pursuing international R&D collaborative opportunities through the development of partnerships with key players in other countries/economies.

For more information, please contact:  tapei-td@international.gc.ca.



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