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Alberta Cleantech Industry Overview by Government of Alberta

Jeff Bell, Industry Development - Clean Energy, Research & Innovation Div., ARD  亞伯達省農業廳研發處 乾淨能源開發經理

Syngar  Technologies Inc. 

Developed technology for the improved fermentation, manufacture and production of bioethanol and biodiesel fuels.

Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc.

Developed a system of easily deployable photo-bioreactor modules for cultivating microalgae to produce biomass for use in the production of renewable biofuel and other high demand, high value co-products.

Expander Energy Inc.

developer and licensor of processes designed to manufacture high performance, clean burning, zero sulphur synthetic fuels from carbon rich sources such as bitumen and heavy oil residuals, natural gas, natural gas liquids, biomass, and municipal solid waste.

Taiwan Cleantech Industry Overview by Industrial Technology Research Institute

Dr. Ren-Chain (Joseph) Wang – Deputy Director, Planning Division, Green Energy & Environment Research Labs

BC Cleantech Industry Overview by Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Mr. Paul Austin, Regional Director, Partnerships

Aurora Control Technologies Corp. 

develops and markets production measurement and control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry. Its real-time measurement and control products provide photovoltaic cell manufacturers with the means to lower production costs and achieve consistent top product quality.

EVT Power Inc. 

Has developed an efficient battery platform technology and is bringing to market a patented technology for lead acid batteries that could reduce the weight and greatly enhance energy efficiency.

CoolEdge Lighting, Inc.

Focuses on manufacturing large arrays of ultra-low power white LEDs for interior lighting applications. Has unique patented LED system integration technology and will have full commercial launch in April 2013 at Light Fair in Philadelphia.

General Fusion Inc.

Is commercializing utility-scale fusion power. Its proprietary technology for magnetized target fusion aims at generating plentiful, safe and clean energy without radioactive waste. At 100MW output, its power plants will feature a factory constructed, modular design, enabling fast deployment and adoption.