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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours of operation?
Please refer to Hours of Operation.

2. Do you offer notary services to non Canadians?
Yes. You do not have to be a Canadian to receive notary service. However, we can only notarize documents for use in Canada. Please bring your passport as well as other valid English IDs.

3. Do I have to make an appointment for notary services?
No, you can come on a walk in basis during our regular business hours. Hours of Operation.

4. What do I need to submit a passport application?
Please see Passport Services.

5. My citizenship card has my baby photo on it. How do I update my photo on my citizenship card? Is it compulsory?
You can update your photo on your citizenship card by completing a "Proof of Canadian Citizenship (CIT0001 E)". Although it is not compulsory by law to update your photo, an updated photo can avoid unforeseen inconveniences. Please click Citizenship Services for citizenship application information.

6. Do I need a guarantor need to sign on the citizenship application form? What about my citizenship photos?
No, you do not need a guarantor to sign the citizenship application form and your citizenship photos. However a guarantor's signature is required for the passport application.

7. Does my child have to come in person when I submit his/her citizenship application form?
Yes, every application has to be submitted in person. For children's citizenship applications, children must come in person. Please refer to Citizenship Service.

8. How do I obtain a certified criminal record check from Canada?
If you are Outside of Canada: contact the nearest police force which offers fingerprinting services. The RCMP will accept fingerprint forms from foreign countries that contain the following:

  •  rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers taken with black ink
  •  full name, date of birth and sex of the applicant
  •  the name and address of the police agency
  •  the signature of the official taking the fingerprints

Please visit RCMP website at Royal Canadian Mounted Police for information.

9. Non-Machine Readable Passports & USA Entry Requirements?
As stipulated in the United States Visa Waiver Program, effective October 26, 2004 travelers must present machine-readable passports (MRP) at US ports of entry in order to enter without a visa. Passports currently issued by the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei are security enhanced, machine readable passports.

For specific details on the Visa Waiver Program including a section directed at Canadian citizens, we wish to direct you to the U. S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs - Visa services which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Visa Waiver Program

10. Can I travel to Canada using my Canadian citizenship card?
It is not advisable that you travel using only your proof of Canadian citizenship (citizenship card or provincial birth certificate). For international travel purposes, the Canadian Certificate of Citizenship (citizenship card) accompanied by a non-Canadian passport is not reliable evidence that the holder is a Canadian citizen. A passport is the only reliable and universally accepted identification document. It proves that you have a right to return to Canada.

11. Can I apply for my newborn's passport before he / she has received a citizenship card?
It is only possible to apply for your child's passport before receiving a citizenship card if urgent travel is required. If urgent travel is required than proof of this travel is must be provided upon application. Furthermore, we may request additional information. In order to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences we recommend that parents apply for the child's citizenship card as soon as possible, and apply for the child's passport only after receiving the child's citizenship card.


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