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Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT)

Address, telephone, fax, email

6F, Hua-Hsin Building, No. 1 SongZhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei 11047, Taiwan

Tel: +886 (2) 8723-3000
Fax: +886 (2) 8723-3592
email: tapei@international.gc.ca

Additional email addresses :

For general enquiries: tapei@international.gc.ca
For trade enquiries: tapei-td@international.gc.ca
For consular enquiries: tapei-cs@international.gc.ca
For political/education/cultural enquiries: tapei-gr@international.gc.ca
For IEC enquiries : http://kompass-iec-eic.international.gc.ca/feedback.aspx?Lang=eng

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday 8:15am to 12:00 pm 12:30pm to 5pm, Friday 8:15am to 12:45pm

The Consular Services Hours are from 9 am to 11:30 am, Monday to Friday (except Statutory Holidays)

English map of office

The CTOT consists of three sections:

  • Trade & Investment
    The trade and investment section is responsible for promoting Canadian exports to Taiwan and attracting Taiwan investors to the Canadian market. The trade section covers these primary sectors: agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, environment, construction, transportation, information technology and telecommunications.
  • Consular - Assistance to Canadians
    The Consular Services Hours are from 9 am to 11:30 am, Monday to Friday. Consular section provides consular services - passports, citizenship, registration, notarisations, consular assistance - to Canadian residents and visitors to Taiwan.
  • General Relations & Public Affairs
    The general relations and public affairs section works to advance overall relations between Canada and Taiwan on economic and other non-official issues. Public affairs promotes Canadian culture and academic relations through a variety of activities and programs.

Provincial representation

This office also houses representative from the Alberta government.

Alberta Taiwan Office

6F, Hua-Hsin Building, No. 1 SongZhi Road, Xinyi District
Taipei 11047 Taiwan

Tel: +886 (2) 8723-3000
Fax: +886 (2) 8789-1878
E-mail: albertataiwanoffice@gov.ab.ca

2015 CTOT Statutory Holidays

DateClosed for:
Thursday January 1stNew Year's Day
Thursday February 19thChinese New Year
Monday February 23thChinese New Year
Monday April 6thChinese Tomb Sweeping Day
Monday May 18thVictoria Day
Wednesday July 1stCanada Day
Monday Aug 3rdCivic Holiday
Monday September 28thMid-Autumn Festival
Monday October 12thCanadian Thanksgiving Day
Friday December 25thChristmas Day
Monday December 28thIn lieu of Boxing Day


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