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CTOT 2012 Official Vehicle Auction


The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) would like to sell the mission vehicle to the Taiwanese public or other representative offices.  The vehicle specs and purchase rules are listed below for reference.

Vehicle Specs:

Model name: Mitsubishi Outlander

Year of make: Dec.18.2009

Engine: 2,359 cc, petrol

Mileage: 28,045 km

Color: Silver

Features: Power window, central lock, A/C, seat storage. Vehicle was well-handled and under regular maintenance. Full documentation for the vehicle and other required documents are available.

Special Note:

Due to the special status of this vehicle, the process to transfer ownership of the vehicle is estimated to be four (4) to eight (8) weeks. Buyers must be aware of the requirement to pay the bid price in full and receive the vehicle before the transfer process can begin. The title to the vehicle will remain with the CTOT until the transfer process is complete.


Please download the 「Auction Rules and Submission Form」 for bidding.


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