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Canadian Visa Application Centre (VAC) Opens in Taipei


Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is pleased to announce the opening of a Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Taipei.  The new VAC is conveniently located at 7F, Unit A, Exchange Square 2, No. 97, Song Ren Road, Xinyi District.

VACs provide administrative support services to visa and immigration applicants before, during and after the assessment of their application at a CIC visa office. VACs accept applications for study and work permits, visitor visas (temporary resident visas) and travel documents for permanent residents.

The primary role of the VAC is to accept and securely transmit visa applications, documents and bank drafts payable to the visa office at the Consulate General of Canada located in Hong Kong. The VAC also receives processed applicant documentation from the visa office and returns them to applicants, schedules interviews, and provides additional fee-based services, such as taking photographs and making photocopies for applications. The VAC is not involved in the decision-making process nor is it authorized to provide applicants with advice about their visas.

 “This new VAC is an exciting development that will streamline the visa application process and facilitate travel to Canada,” said Ms. Kathleen Mackay, Executive Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT).  “This new VAC is an example of the Government of Canada’s commitment to procedural efficiency and to improving services to applicants, making our country an even more attractive destination than ever before.”  Each year, thousands of Taiwanese take advantage of Canada’s visa waiver to visit as tourists, while others choose Canada as their destination to emigrate, study, work or do business.  VACs ensure that visa applications are complete and help to reduce unnecessary delays.             

Commencing November 7, 2013, all temporary resident (visitor visa, study or work permit) and permanent resident travel document applicants are encouraged to submit their applications either online or through the VAC.

VACs are managed by private companies or international organizations that are authorized to provide visa applicants with specific services, as outlined in their contract with the Government of Canada. VACs have contracted with the Government of Canada to provide standardized services and operate under strict governance and oversight structures to ensure quality control, and to meet well-established service and performance requirements.

Additional information is available at:

Visa Office in Hong Kong http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions/hong-kong.asp

Taipei Visa Application Center http://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/taiwan/


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