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CTOT 2013 Official Vehicle Auction Introduction 


The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is offering an official vehicle for sale. The vehicle specifications and purchase rules are listed below.

Vehicle Specs:
Model name:  Ford New Mondeo 
Year of make: September, 2008
Engine: 1,997 cc, diesel
Mileage:62,425 km
Local tax-exemption document, certificate of origin, and other required documents for the vehicle are available.
Bid Form:Download
1. This vehicle was purchased by the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei in 2008. The vehicle has been operated by a professional driver and has been professionally maintained. CTOT is selling the vehicle on an “as is, where is” basis. After the transfer of ownership, CTOT will not assist or accept responsibility for any future costs or requests related to this vehicle.
2. Due to special status of this vehicle, the ownership transfer process is estimated to take four to eight weeks. Potential buyers shall be aware that the transfer process will only start when CTOT has received the bid payment in full. The ownership of the vehicle shall remain with CTOT until the transfer process is complete.


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