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Canadian Trade Office Welcomes Move Towards Greater Beef Access

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei welcomes the announcement by Taiwanese officials earlier today indicating the intent to open the Taiwanese market to Canadian bone-in beef and other specified beef products.

This announcement reflects the strong economic ties between Taiwan and Canada, and demonstrates clearly Taiwan’s desire to further liberalize their economy and further integrate into the broader regional and global economy.

This new liberalization will benefit an important part of the Canadian economy, namely agricultural exports, while also benefitting the Taiwanese consumer through greater choice.

“Canadian beef, as has been recognized globally, is both of very high quality and safe. The Canadian food safety regime is among the world’s best, and guarantees that Canadian agricultural products are a healthy and safe choice for the Taiwanese consumer” said Kathleen Mackay, CTOT Executive Director.

We look forward to continuing close cooperation with Taiwan to enhance and deepen our trading relationship.

For more information, consult: http://www.canada.org.tw


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