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Celebrate Canada 150 in Taiwan!! 

Taipei - On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years old! Today, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is pleased to announce the launch of Canada 150 celebrations in Taiwan and a video contest to win a round-tip ticket to Vancouver. 

There are millions of ways to celebrate and express your love for Canada. It is the cultural wealth of Canada that makes this country great, and it is our cultural wealth that will make these celebrations the feel-good moment of our generation. Canadians from across the country and friends from all over the world are celebrating this landmark anniversary with their own festivities. That’s the beauty of these celebrations: everyone is invited!            

This summer, the CTOT is collaborating on a series of events, including a huge Canada Day Celebration in Taipei Hakka Cultural Park, the launch of the inaugural Air Canada flight from Vancouver, and the opening of the Roots Taipei 101 flagship store. The CTOT invites you, along with our partners Air Canada, Roots and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, to celebrate our accomplishments in Taiwan and are looking forward to an even brighter future. In addition, the CTOT would like to invite all our Taiwanese and Canadian friends to participate in video contest to share their Canadian experiences. Winners will be announced later this fall and prizes include a round-trip Air Canada ticket to Vancouver and Roots gift vouchers. 

Taiwan is now Canada’s 11th largest trading partner and fifth largest in Asia, a relationship that generates billions of dollars’ worth of trade every year. These ties are supported by accomplishments such as a visa waiver for Taiwanese passport holders, customs cooperation, avoidance of double taxation and increased air traffic. People-to-people linkages between Canada and Taiwan were first established over a hundred years ago with the arrival of the Canadian Presbyterian missionary Dr. George Leslie Mackay on the shores of Formosa in 1871. There are now around 60,000 Canadians in Taiwan, many of whom are dual citizens, making Taiwan the home of the 4th biggest Canadian diaspora community in the world. CTOT Executive Director Mario Ste-Mario states, “Canada and Taiwan have built a relationship based on shared values of democracy and human rights, and a long history of commercial and people-to-people ties which the CTOT team strives to enhance every day.” 

For any further question, please contact Sylvia Yan at sylvia.yan@international.gc.ca


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