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Executive Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei

Mario Ste-MarieIt is my pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of myself and my colleagues at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT), to our website. I am pleased to represent Canada in such a dynamic and welcoming place as Taiwan. Despite being located on opposite sides of the globe, Canada and Taiwan have built a relationship based on shared values of democracy and human rights, and a long history of people-to-people and strong commercial ties which the CTOT team strives to enhance every day.

People-to-people linkages between Canada and Taiwan were first established over a hundred years ago with the arrival of the Canadian Presbyterian missionary Dr. George Leslie Mackay on the shores of Formosa in 1871. Our relationship has come far since the days of Dr. Mackay.  Young Taiwanese are traveling to Canada to take advantage of one of the best education systems in the world. Others pursue unique experiences in living and working in Canada under our youth mobility program, International Experience Canada. Taiwanese scientists are seizing opportunities for world-class research collaboration.

Taiwan is now Canada’s twelfth largest trading partner and fifth largest in Asia, a relationship that generates billions of dollars’ worth of trade every year. These ties are supported by accomplishments such as a visa waiver for Taiwanese passport holders, customs cooperation, and increased air traffic. The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei works closely with Taiwanese and Canadian businesses, and groups such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, to further promote bilateral trade and investment.

Canadian technology is everywhere in Taiwan: the mammoth damper keeping Taipei 101 on an even keel during typhoons and earthquakes, Bombardier trains that carry thousands of Taipei citizens everyday on the Neihu MRT line, and Canadian-made helicopters and planes that transport passengers to Taiwan’s remote islands. To refresh you on long flights, EVA Airlines offer Escents aromatherapy products. Canadian lobster, organic products and craft beer are increasingly popular with Taiwanese consumers. Canada is the leading exporter of pork to the Taiwanese market, and, as of July 2016, we are excited to welcome safe and delicious Canadian beef back into Taiwan. We are particularly happy to see Roots clothing – a quintessential Canadian brand – seemingly everywhere we look and Hershel backpacks trending amongst Taiwan’s youth.

Serving and protecting Canadians abroad is also a priority of the Government of Canada. Our consular section is one of Canada’s five busiest offices providing consular and citizenship services, and is committed to serving the more than 50,000 Canadians living in Taiwan with dedication and efficiency.

In the months ahead, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating milestones such as the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei in 2016, and Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Whether you are Canadian or Taiwanese, whether you are interested in Canada for business or pleasure, I invite you to visit our website and our Facebook page to discover Canada in Taiwan.



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